A Few Digital Samples

UPS Paperless Invoice Microsite

Here's the deal: Up until recently, businesses who shipped freight had to physically attach paper invoices to their shipments.


UPS ended that. To promote UPS Paperless Invoice and we created a direct mail piece that contained "the last paper invoice you'll ever see." Customers were directed to this microsite where they could take that paper invoice and make a paper airplane, boat, or truck.


See a demo of the site and learn how to make a paper airplane, boat, or truck — and the boat really floats! (The microsite itself is no longer live.)


Delta Private Jets Banner Ad Campaign

As part of a complete rebranding of Delta Private Jets, I helped create a print and digital campaign that appealed to luxury consumers who still wished to remain discreet and particular about their spending. "What Delta Private Jets flyers know" was the basis for truths that this audience understood, and our headlines meshed with the unique benefits of a Delta Private Jets Card.

Avaya Video Collaboration simulation site

To demonstrate the ease of Avaya's drag-and-drop Video Collaboration, we created a special site where you can select your participants and see how a video conference would work. 



Site visitors were directed to drag and drop any 3 participants from the right column into the center, and a custom video "conference call" would play. I participated in the concepting of this page, and also provided scriptwriting for the characters. 

Mutual of Enumclaw — ThoughtfulCoverage.com

Mutual of Enumclaw, a Northwest insurance carrier, does its business solely through independent agents. In the era of cavemen and fancy spokespeople hawking insurance incessantly on TV, independent agents needed a boost. 


This microsite features real independent agents using short video snippets to answer commonly asked questions about the services they offer. 

Hammerquist Studios Website & App

Sometimes, it's an agency that's the client. I helped Seattle's awesome Hammerquist Studios with copy that clarified their agency's unique "We Are Outdoors" positioning. This was used on their website and their promotional agency app.

Ravenswood Winery "No Wimpy Wines" Banner Ads/Facebook Tie-In

When you drink Ravenswood, you’re taking a stand against wimpy wines. So to re-introduce the brand’s long-standing irreverent positioning, we decided to use April Fool’s Day give consumers a shock: Ravenswood was now embracing wimpiness.


Banner ads on news sites such as nytimes.com, sfgate.com, and wsj.com featured teaser “Breaking News” headlines. Then we directed consumers to click the banner and sign a "No Wimpy Wines" petition on Facebook. The reaction was amazing: In one day, nearly 10,000 people became fans of Ravenswood and signed the petition — serious results for a April Fool’s joke.